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Visual Lottery Analyser is a lottery games analyzer with superior features for creating advanced
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30 April 2010

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The term “lottery” has always been associated with luck and the reason behind this association is that till date there has been no scientific reason or logical reason as in how the dynamics of lottery works. In fact there are very few people who has put their intelligence and invested time to understand the working of lottery. The levels of probability, the end result, decisive factors are few things that are still a mystery for everyone. However, Visual Lottery Analyser 3.6 is a software which helps to analyze and somehow understand the trend of the lottery system. In other words, it is a software which is unique in itself and one of its kind right now in the software market.

First of all, Visual Lottery Analyser 3.6 is compatible to almost all lottery that happens in the world. There are lot of unique features and innovative methods of analysis for example visual drawing analysis, geometrical approach with unique ticket view option which shows what lottery game is at hand and use of different special colors to highlight the unique numbers groups in this software. In short, it uses faster, better and more accurate approach to understand games as well as performance of numbers in various lottery games. By analyzing, calculating and statically observing the details anyone can do better in lottery games anywhere in the world. Besides the analysis methods there are also lottery theories that are featured in this Visual Lottery Analyser 3.6 software. With this software without wasting much time and effort every possibility is brought right in front of the user. So do not search manually simply get this cheap software and increase user’s chances and luck by many fold.

Visual Lottery Analyser 3.6 software helps to solve quite a number of mysteries related to lottery and as it is one unique software it is surely way beyond one can expect. Thus, four and a half star rating for increasing some luck for us.

Publisher's description

Visual Lottery Analyser is state-of-the-art lottery analysis software with many unique features. Work with almost all lottery games in the world. Program use new innovative analysis methods like visual drawings analysis, use geometry with special Ticket View for showing lottery game view at hand, use also colors to differentiate between special numbers groups. Everything is done for better and faster understanding how your games and number performs in the real. Whether you are professional player or beginner here you will find everything that you need to play, analyze, calculate and keep statistics of your lottery games. To help you to increase your chances of winning software introduces new lottery theories and analysis methods: Geometrical Ticket View, Contact and Outside numbers, traditional Hot and Cold numbers and more. You can analyze single numbers, groups/blocks of numbers, our special numbers, numbers that are located in vertical or horizontal lines, by the date etc. Instead of looking on columns with numbers that really do not tell too much, you can now know how the numbers may go with just taking one look. Some of major features are Create My Tickets, Tickets Advanced Generator for creating smart lottery tickets that are created according to the software rules or rules defined by you. Create My System is a powerful feature dedicated to work with wheel systems. Program comes with over 2100 wheel systems included. You may use them to create lottery tickets by replacing system numbers with yours. Apply our filters to the system and reduce the combinations to those that match your analysis criteria. Other major features are: World Games Database, Drawing Online Updating with past drawing, My Tickets Manager, Notepad, Financial & Hits Statistics, Search Drawings and Wheels Systems Editor, Check Game Results. In addition to all new visual analyzing techniques program includes Numbers Report feature that analyzing games using old-fashion mathematical methods.
Visual Lottery Analyser
Visual Lottery Analyser
Version 3.6
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